Mangili & Associati spa


The company was founded in 1999 as a development of Progetti & Consulenze S.a.S.​​​ The forty years' experience of the founder, honorary engineer Gabriele Mangili, and the hundreds of projects completed over the last ten years represent a guarantee and a certain promise of safe, modern and long-lasting structural works.​​​ These credentials and the esteem of its clients have enabled the company to progress from a design and consultancy office to a limited company capable of offering an integrated, turnkey service.​​ The technical office, with its staff of engineers, architects and designers, represents the centre of operations where ideas, expertise and passion are translated first into projects and then into works. All type of metal structures are dealt with. As a result of studies and constant research, vast experience and building skills in various types of steel structures, the company has built the following in Italy and abroad: industrial warehouses, bridges, grid structures and space systems, airports, civil buildings, shopping centres, sports halls, wall coverings, roofing, glass windows and a whole series of other steel structural works.​​ Mangili & Associati S.p.A. based its philosophy on a commitment and passion for its work combined with the professional nature and expertise of a highly skilled team of staff who work well together and share the same enthusiasm for the future.​​Apart from boosting new possibilities, new markets and new technologies are a source of inspiration and encouragement to do even better.

Thanks to a close-knit circle of specially selected, highly qualified and certified companies with whom we have been working for years, we are able to offer a global, turnkey service which, starting with the consultancy service and design phase develops into the realization and building of the work to a highly professional level.


Certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

we believe in improving our organization: every day
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